Our Advantages

  • Efficient and
    “Green Disposal”
  • Compliance
    and reporting

The Salvage Masters, Inc. can help your customers reduce their carbon footprint by recycling their “End of Life” infusion systems. The Salvage Masters, Inc. works with manufacturers and end users to responsibly manage and retire medical equipment in an environmentally conscious manner.

Presently facilities have two options to dispose of their old infusion systems: either sell their system to an equipment broker or give them away. These practices typically result in disposing them in a landfill or incinerator.

End of Life IV Pumps

  • Abbott Plum 1.6
  • Abbott Plum  XL, XLM, XLD, XL3
  • Abbott LifeCare: PCA3, 4100 PCA II
  • Alaris Signature
  • B.Braun NXT
  • B.Braun Outlook
  • Baxter Colleague
  • Baxter 6201/6301
  • Hospira Symbiq
  • IMED PC-1, PC-2, PC-2TX, PC-4